• Question: Have you ever seen a shark in ocean?

    Asked by nerdfalcon101 to Chloe on 18 Nov 2014.
    • Photo: Chloe Kinsella

      Chloe Kinsella answered on 18 Nov 2014:


      There are 28 species of sharks in Ireland and I have seen of these, dogfish and a blue shark. Dogfish ( a type of cat shark!) get their name as they are known to hunt in groups like wild dogs. They are really common around Irish waters and I have often seen them washed up on beaches after storms. I saw a blue shark once when I was on a boat off the coast of Waterford. These sharks are dark blue in colour (hence the name!) and have long, pointed fins and a pointed snout. They can grow over 3 metres.

      I really want to see a basking shark in real life though. They are the second largest shark in the world, second to the whale shark. They can be a whopping 12 metres long and have enormous mouths for filter feeding plankton. I am planning to go on a whale watching tour soon so hopefully I might spot one then 🙂